When to Visit our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast

Have you ever found yourself wondering When is the Best Time to Visit our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast?  The answer to that isn’t quite as simple as it sounds, because of course, it depends on what you like to see and do on your vacations.

Eureka Springs is a small historic city of fewer than 2,000 people located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. It’s long been a popular getaway destination and is known for its historic Victorian architecture, independent boutiques, and incredible natural scenery.

Dating back as far as the 1800s, people have been coming to Eureka Springs for the healing properties of the historic springs themselves. Later, artists were drawn to the area’s healing and creative energy.  There is always something going on in Eureka Springs, so the answer to “when is the best time to visit our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast” is this:  Whenever you can get here!

The summer season is one of the most popular times of year to visit Eureka Springs, followed closely by fall.  Do you want to see what all the hype is about? Make a reservation at our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast today!

Browse the historic streets of downtown Eureka Springs, enjoying the sights and sounds of summer, which is the best time of year to visit our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast

The Best Time to Visit Eureka Springs

With such incredibly natural beauty surrounding us, it probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the most popular time of year to visit our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast is summer. Summer in Eureka Springs is an experience that you won’t have anywhere else. Summer means a host of fun activities to do as you spend time outside in the beautiful Arkansas weather.  In fact, it’s this abundance of activities that makes summer the best time of year to visit Eureka Springs.

There is a myriad of options available to you during your summer stay here in Eureka Springs, including the following:

  1. The Blue Spring Heritage Center is home to Blue Spring, the largest spring in northwestern Arkansas, an important piece of Eureka Springs’ history.  It’s a beautiful park that offers a lesson in history, too, as this spot was once a stopover on the Trail of Tears.
  2. The Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway is  fun way to see the scenery of the area on one trip. You can even dine in an old railway car while you are enjoying your tour.
  3. Opera in the Ozarks is a magnificent experience and one that we hope everyone has at least once in their lives. The concerts are held at Inspiration Point on Scenic U.S. Highway 62, overlooking the White River valley approximately 600 feet below. It’s visually stunning, and the artistry of the performers is always top-notch.
  4. Quigley’s Castle is the dream home of Elise Quigley (1910 – 1984), where she grew her garden of perennial flowers that contains over 400 different flowers. Today, her grandchildren maintain the property and invite visitors to enjoy the beautiful garden still there.
  5. Enjoy walking the streets of downtown Eureka Springs, admiring the historic Victorian architecture of the city’s buildings, and stopping in to browse the shops or enjoy a bite to eat at local restaurants along the way.
  6. Get out for a hike!  There are so many trails in the area, but one popular nearby place to go is Lake Leatherwood City Park.  It’s also a great place for mountain biking and paddling.
  7. Eureka Springs Tram Tours through the historic district. It’s a great way to learn the history of this charming small town.
  8. Soar over the beautiful scenery with Ozark Mountain Ziplines.
  9. Go hiking around or floating down the Buffalo National River, which is about an hour away from our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast and an incredible place to spend a summer afternoon. You could also enjoy the water in an entirely different way by taking a narrated boat tour on Beaver Lake with Belle of the Ozarks.
  10. On a hot day, sometimes cooling off underground is one of the best things to do in Eureka Springs!  Head underground at the Onyx Cave.

This is just a small sampling of the available attractions for you to explore throughout your time in Eureka Springs this summer – but you can probably see why we’re choosing to claim summer as the best time to visit our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast.

This exquisite foliage along the highway is what makes fall one of the best time of year to Visit our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast

Gear Up for Fall Foliage in Eureka Springs:

If you can’t make it during the summer, then fall foliage season is the next best time to visit our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast. There are lots of fun activities in Eureka Springs in the fall (most of the same things enjoyed during the summer), but the changing foliage is the real star of the show at this time of year. If you love nature and sightseeing, it’s recommended that you don’t miss the opportunity to come to visit Eureka Springs during autumn.

From scenic drives, hikes, biking, paddling, and even just relaxing in the beautiful gardens at our Inn, fall is extraordinary in the Ozark Mountains.  You can read about some of our favorite things to do in the fall here. Foliage season is, of course, a popular time of year to visit Eureka Springs, so now is the perfect time to plan your getaway if you’d like to see it up close and personal.

Whether you choose to visit us in the summer, fall, or some other time, know that the comfortable accommodations at our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast will be here for you. Our spacious rooms, which come complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and unique and luxurious architecture and furnishings offer a comfortable and beautiful place to relax and unwind. Enjoy all the amenities that we have to offer, including gourmet breakfasts, complimentary Wi-Fi, TV/video in each room, and more.

Are you ready to explore the incredible town of Eureka Springs?  We’d love to see you!  Book your room at our luxurious Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast today.

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