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Wind Chimes are Bigger in Eureka Springs!

Wind Chimes are Bigger in Eureka Springs! 1Eureka Springs has long been a haven for artists.  In 2005 one of those artists gave the town a new claim to fame.  Wind chime artist, Ranaga Farbiarz, erected the “World’s Largest Tuned Musical Wind Chime” in honor of his late father Ignatz Farbiarz, a survivor of the Holocaust.  It is located in the parking area of Celestial Windz Harmonic Bizaar, just south of Eureka Springs, and was erected with the help of a bucket truck and a 100-foot-tall oak tree. Its dimensions are 8 feet tall by 6 feet across.  As the centerpiece of the Harmonic Bizaar, it is available for free public viewing and hearing during regular gallery hours.  The chime was listed in the 2006 Guinnes Book of Records.  Definitely not to be missed!


After viewing these chimes, you will be ready to take some home with you!