Where to View Amazing Arkansas Leaves

Fall is just about here and we are ready to enjoy the beauty of the season. The cooler temperatures, crisp morning air and the changing colors of the leaves are some of the greatest features of the season. Arkansas is a beautiful any time of the year, but fall is full of remarkable, vibrant colors that will excite your senses. Many leaf lookers know that the fall foliage in Arkansas is some of the best in the country. Amazing Arkansas Leaves are hard to beat. Breathtaking views of the Ozark Mountains help make Arkansas a place to visit each and every fall.

And without the humid temperatures of the summer, visitors can enjoy the crisp, refreshing air while taking in the beautiful scenery. One of our favorite places to experience the great fall colors is the Ozark National Forest. With over 1.2 million acres of serene forest land, the Ozark National Forest displays beauty in every direction. The national forest offers tons of ways for you to experience nature. A scenic drive, hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, and picnicking are just a few great ways to get out there and see some amazing scenery. Lots of recreation areas are offered throughout the forest making it an easy place to welcome the fall season.

Within the national forest is Mount Magazine State Park. Mount Magazine State Park is one place to add to your itinerary as Mount Magazine is the tallest mountain in the state. From here you will view the beautiful colors from the highest vantage point on the ground. Hike on one of the trails to view what seems to be miles and miles of endless colorful forest canopies. Reds, oranges and yellows carpet the forest from above. The explosion of color makes for beautiful, one of a kind photographs. Like a sunrise or sunset, no two leaf looking seasons are the same.

Arkansas’s Ozark Mountain region begins its color change in early October. The lush forests make the amazing Arkansas leaves take on fiery red tones by the time they peak in late October. There isn’t much time to experience the amazing display provided by Mother Nature, so book your adventure now and don’t miss out on one of the greatest celebrations of the season. Find more fall color adventures here.

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