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Intrigue Theater

Prepare to be Mystified at Intrigue Theater

For an evening of unexplained mysteries and visitors from beyond, prepare to be mystified at Intrigue Theater.  Hosts Sean-Paul, the Illusionist and wife Juliane Fay the Medium, will have you on the edge of your seat during this amazing show.  The Illusionist and the Medium will have you feeling as if you’ve taken a walk back in time.  Sean-Paul and Juliane Fay are dressed in period Victorian pieces as they treat you to a night of unexplained occurrences.  The show has been described as  a fantastic experience, unlike anything else in America by Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio.  No two shows are the same.  Sean-Paul and Juliane Fay will have you coming back and wanting more!

The show, The Illusionist and the Medium at Intrigue Theater, opened in Eureka Springs over a year ago.  It was originally put on at the Queen Anne Mansion but space became limited because of how popular the show had become.  It then moved to the Auditorium and now it plays at the Historic Gavioli Chapel on Mountain Street.  After visiting Eureka Springs in 2011, Sean-Paul and Juliane Fay instantly fell in love with the haunting tales of the town.  This husband and wife met by chance and have been together ever since.

In Act 1 of the show, Sean-Paul performs illusions that will have you scratching your head in disbelief.  He also brings up an audience member on stage for hypnosis and they end up bringing back an item from a previous life.  Act 2 continues with Juliane-Fay standing on stage blindfolded as she talks to ghosts about guests in the audience and the contents in their pockets.  It is a sight to be seen!  There is a new 60 minute show called Up Close and Incredible.  In this more intimate show, there are only 16 seats filled versus 75 in the original show.  Guests receive a complimentary beverage and Sean-Paul performs sleight of hand tricks up close.

One of their most popular shows is a Halloween Séance show that sells out every year.  This is held in the ballroom of the Crescent Hotel on Halloween night.  The Illusionist and the Medium is currently appearing on the NCL Getaway in the Caribbean in Jeff Hobson’s Illusionarium.  The show will return to Eureka Springs in May of 2015.  For future show information and to purchase tickets, click here.

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Photo courtesy of EurekaSprings.com

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