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Pea Ridge National Military Park

Pea Ridge National Military Park 1Pea Ridge National Military Park was created in 1956 and preserves the history of the pivotal 1862 battle.  The park covers 4,300 acres of land and covers the entire battlefield where a little over 400 men were killed during a two day battle.  Overall around 2,000 brave men died as a result of this battle.   The story is not just about the generals, but about the soldiers as well.  They offer the biographies of the battle’s leaders and allow you to read excerpts from letters and diaries as well. 

Pea Ridge National Military Park has indoor and outdoor activities for its visitors.  Especially enjoyed is the 7-mile self-guided tour road where there are 28 exhibits to interpret the war in action.  If you would like to stop and enjoy nature, there are also 7 miles of trails with opportunities to see wildlife and the beautiful forest.  Horse trails are available, but no rental facilities.  At the Visitor Center be sure to view the museum and the bookstore, as they are very well done.

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