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Kings River Falls Near Eureka Springs

Visit Kings River Falls Near Eureka Springs

Without a doubt, one of the best reasons to visit Eureka Springs are to enjoy the stunning scenery and opportunities for outdoor recreation, which includes making trips to places like Kings River Falls.  Eureka Springs is home to some of the country’s top venues for boating, biking, hiking, riding motorcycles, fishing, and more.  If you ask us, there’s no doubt in our mind that Eureka Springs is THE place to be this summer.

Not only are the opportunities for getting outside and enjoying yourself plentiful, but the town itself is filled to the brim with character and charms.  Whether you’re looking for a full-on adrenaline-pumping adventure, or a quiet escape in the scenic countryside, Eureka Springs, and our Bed and Breakfast, in particular, has what you are looking for.  Waterfalls, like Kings River Falls, just happen to make the adventure more beautiful as you go.  This summer, come explore the charming getaway town of Eureka Springs this summer.  Book your room at our Bed and Breakfast today!

Make the Trip to Kings River Falls

Its name probably gives this away, but Kinds River Falls is located on the Kings River, which is all part of the Kings River Falls Natural Area. Much like one of our other favorite rivers in the area, the Buffalo National River, Kings River is located about an hour south of our Inn.  Also, just like Buffalo River, this trip is well worth the time it takes to get there and can be combined with other activities in the area to make for a more exciting day trip!

Kings River Falls Near Eureka Springs

Kings River Falls is pretty easy to get to. The trail is only 1.8 miles (roundtrip) and is fairly flat and easily accessible.  The river is characterized by its steep rocky slopes, sandstone bluffs, and surrounding hardwood forest. Though the waterfall won’t be quite a peak volume – you’d have to come during the spring or fall for that – there is a wonderful swimming hole just beneath the falls. It’s a great place to cool off on a hot day and makes for a delightful afternoon spent in nature.

We recommend enjoying a picnic lunch at the falls, before heading on to explore more of the area, includingn the scenic Buffalo National River, or any of the other waterfalls listed below.

More Great Waterfalls Near Eureka Springs

Chasing waterfalls is a great way to spend a day, and many of them are near the Kings and Buffalo National Rivers in the south.  Most of these waterfalls are reached fairly easily, but some require some hiking to get there. Here are 8 of our favorite waterfalls worth seeing.

  1. Black Bass Spillway
  2. Tanyard Creek Falls
  3. Hemmed in Hollow
  4. Hideout Hollow
  5. Twin Falls
  6. Eden Falls
  7. Tea Kettle Falls
  8. Eagle’s Nest Falls

Stay at our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast near Kings River Falls

Where to Stay in Eureka Springs

These beautiful waterfalls and rivers represent just a fraction of the wonderful things to see and do in Eureka Springs.  If you’re looking for more, we recently put together a blog with our 10 favorite suggestions on things to do in Eureka Springs this summer. Of course, given that it’s summer, we focused mostly on enjoying the resplendent natural beauty that is life in the Ozark Mountains.  Downtown Eureka Springs deserves its own list of fun things to do. With a variety of shops, restaurants, and historic attractions, downtown Eureka Springs is a wonderful place to spend a day or two. It’s only a 2-block walk from our charming Inn.

While you’re here, don’t forget to make time to relax in our peaceful and beautiful property, too.  Our luxury mansion offers 5 private guest rooms and your own private oasis away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.  When you need a break, our award-winning Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast gives you one.  Comfortable accommodations, delicious breakfasts, gracious hospitality, and a walkable location are all you’ll ever need in Eureka Springs.  Choose to stay somewhere that offers it all, and book a room at our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast today!

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