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Eureka Springs Railway

The Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway is now open for the season!

Travelers first arrived in Eureka Springs by rail in 1883, and the ES&NA gives modern passengers a feel for that experience. ES&NA is a collection of vintage rolling stock, one of the largest in the Ozarks. To ride on the Eureka Springs Railway is to go back in time.

Passenger Special At The Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Depot
Ride the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railroad.

Trains depart from the historic Eureka Springs depot several times a day, Tuesday through Saturday. They travel through the Ozarks for just under 5 miles before returning to the depot. The journey isn’t long, but the scenery is magnificent and the sense of history makes it fun.

The restored depot is also home to a number of interesting exhibits, such as an automobile that can run on the rails. It’s a good place to explore while waiting for a train.

Come May, ES&NA runs a Dinner Train. It departs at 5:00 p.m. and returns around 6:30 p.m, covering the same route as the daily scenic trains. Passengers of the Dinner Train choose from Chicken Eurekan, Chef’s Prime Rib, or Rainbow Trout Almondine. Wine and Champagne are available.

A Lunch Trail also begins service in May. Passengers choose from Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Salad, or a Hot Deli Sandwhich. Lunch Trains depart at noon and last about an hour.

Many guests of our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast have enjoyed traveling aboard the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railway. Some go for lunch, some for dinner, and some just for the ride. It’s an easy way to sit back and experience the beauty of the Ozarks.

Additional information is available at ES&NA.

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