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Cosmic Caverns are Top Ten “Must See” Caves

Cosmic Caverns are Top Ten "Must See" Caves 1Cosmic Caverns are located mid-way between Eureka Springs and Branson, Missouri.  They were discovered in 1845 by a prospector names John Moore, who was searching for lead.   The Cosmic Caverns are listed as one of America’s Top Ten “Must See” Caves and from the first glimpse you will be in awe of the natural beauty before your eyes. 

Guided tours are offered of the Caves and take about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  You will be surprised at the temperature as the 62 degrees feels much warmer when combined with the high humidity.   During the tour you will explore many of nature’s wonders including formations, fault lines, fossils, and bottomless lakes, some of which include trout.  Also make sure to visit Silent Splendor, which was newly discovered in the early 1990 which houses one of the longest soda straw formations in the Ozarks measuring over 9 feet!

After you have completed the regular tour, perhaps you will be ready for some additional adventure!  Wild Cave Tours are available for 2-6 people.  There are some guidelines for clothing such as no skirts or shorts, and a long sleeved shirt is required.  Additionally, there is a minimum height requirement of 5’2”.  However, it is quite an adventure to see the exclusive parts of the cavern which are rarely seen. 

Are you ready for the caves?

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