Bird Watching in Eureka Springs

Bird Watching in Eureka Springs 1You don’t have to be physical to enjoy birding in Eureka Springs.  Celebrate the great outdoors in a nature paradise where you can relax and enjoy bird watching in the Inn’s backyard, garden, sitting on the porch, or visit one of our local parks.  It does not matter what the season, as birds are plentiful and always amusing to watch.

To date one hundred and seventy-nine birds had been identified in the Eureka Springs area.  Among the most common are Eagles and Pileated Woodpeckers.  But best of all if romance is on your mind, you can “get two birds with one stone”.  Imagine you and your loved one surrounded by luxury, tree tops, birds,  and the sky!  Reserve the Tree Top Suite, bring your binoculars, and enjoy the getaway.

The birds are “tweeting with happiness” as we sit on the porch enjoying a refreshing glass of ice tea.  We welcome you to come,  join us, and enjoy bird watching!

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