5 Tips for Leaving Your Baggage Behind

Going on a trip? Excellent. But packing can be a painful experience.  Deciding what you’ll need and what you won’t can be mind boggling. It would just be easier if you could empty your dresser into your suitcase. But of course, that creates some complication that just isn’t needed – a bag that you have to sit on to close, way too much clutter and the dreaded overweight bag fees. Traveling with heavy baggage can be a real bummer. It’s heavy, bulky and tough to manage dragging you down. Relief at the airport bag drop can’t come soon enough. Time to learn how to save yourself some headache and hassle. Check out these tips for packing lightly.


Don’t Bring the Biggest Bag


When you are deciding which suitcase to use for your trip, don’t automatically gravitate towards the largest one you have in the closet. Before you drag that big guy out, make sure it’s the right bag to use to begin with. Choosing the wrong suitcase can make the packing lightly challenge much more of a challenge from the very beginning. The big suitcase is so much easier to fill up with things that you may not really need while on your trip. And unless you are needing to bring a bunch of suits or other items that tend to be space hogs, a smaller bag is probably the way to go. A smaller suitcase will also help you think in a selective manner about what you actually put in it. The key to packing lightly is to not overpack.


Consider Sharing a Bag

One of the easiest ways to pare down your items is by being forced to. Sharing a suitcase with your traveling partner not only saves you bag fees from the airline, but will also make you rethink what you need to bring and what you can leave behind. Fitting the necessities for both of you can be pretty difficult, especially if you are overpacking. Keeping it simple and packing lightly helps both of you and makes the travel experience more enjoyable.


Footwear Fumbles


Your footwear can really make or break or a trip. Footwear can also really weigh your bag down and eat up tons of precious space. Always think about what type of shoes you will need on your trip. And what you won’t need. If you are traveling to somewhere like the beautiful Eureka Springs, chances are you can leave those stilettos behind. Instead bring a shoe that can be doubled as sensible as well as nice for those delicious dinners and evening strolls through the historic town. When it comes to shoes (and packing lightly), the reality is you probably don’t need as many pairs of shoes as you think.   

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Pack clothing and other items that can be used multiple times on your trip. When muddling through the packing process, it is helpful to lay out all of the items you are planning on taking with you. This can really help you visualize what can be mixed and matched for maximum usage, and what cannot be. The same black pants might work well for a dinner out as well as an evening at the theater. Omit articles that cannot be used more than once during your trip. This strategy is beyond helpful when it comes to packing lightly. 

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