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5 Things You Should NOT Buy at the Airport

Traveling can be expensive. Transportation, accommodations, food and drink and activities can all add up quickly costing you a small fortune. Even traveling through the airport can sometimes leave you with sticker shock. But with a little knowledge and planning ahead, you can prevent emptying your wallet at the airport. Save your green for your trip and enjoy your vacation better than ever before. Consider not buying these four items at the airport as you make your way to your travel destination.



You may feel a bit stuck when traveling through the airport. You can’t take liquids through security, which means that you can’t bring water with you. So does that mean you must buy water at one of the airport shops? Or even on the airplane? Ouch! Both of these can be very costly and hurt the wallet before you even take off. Instead, consider carrying a reusable water bottle with you. Once you have made your way through security, simply fill it up at a drinking fountain before getting on the plane. You will not only save money at the airport, but you will also have a refillable water bottle with you for your entire trip, saving you even more while traveling.


2.Neck Pillows

Of course napping on the plane isn’t the most comfortable scenario and a pillow to support your head and neck can really upgrade your cramped flight experience. However, neck pillows available for purchase at the airport are outrageous. The same memory foam neck pillow found on Amazon for under $11.00 can cost you $40.00 or more at the airport. So do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and get it ahead of time instead of at the airport.



Have you noticed how airports typically have neat little shops just as you are getting off the plane that you can stop in to pick up some souvenirs? They are right there jumping out at you before you have experienced your destination. Souvenirs purchased from the airport can cost a ton more than at a non-airport shop. If you wait until you are out of the airport and have made it to your destination, you will likely find that the shopping is much better there than at the airport! Better selection and better price. Eureka Springs offers a wonderful shopping experience. You would be so disappointed spending your souvenir budget at the airport.



We understand this one can be unavoidable at times when traveling, especially in situations where you end up with delays while waiting for your flight. However, keep in mind that the food at the airport is highly overpriced. And with limited options, you may find yourself paying a pretty penny for a greasy slice of pizza that you didn’t want in the first place. If you know you will be traveling during a typical meal time or think you might get hungry in the process, plan ahead. Bring your favorite snacks with you or pack a couple of your favorite sandwiches. Portable food items from the grocery store are perfect for travel and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You’ll save your hard earned cash and eat food that actually appeals to you.


5.Airport Parking

The cost for airport parking can really wreak havoc on a budget. Even with a coupon or the economy lot, daily parking rates add up fast. And chances are, you are going to need to have your car parked for more than a day or two while on vacation. It’s best to have a friend or family member drop you off at the airport instead of leaving your car there. Or, look at catching a ride from a shuttle or car service. Even taking an Uber or Lyft to the airport can be more economical than long-term airport parking. Check out these options out before your next trip.

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