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Ozark UFO Conference

27th Annual Ozark UFO Conference

Eureka Springs is once again host to the 27th Annual Ozark UFO Conference this spring.  UFO and paranormal experts join together each year for a weekend of uncovering new information about other worlds and experiences.  Various speakers will touch on topics such as UFO’s and unexplained experiences throughout the conference.  The conference will run from April 11th through the 13th.

A few of the speakers for this year’s conference have already been named.  Haktan Akdogan is the founder of Sirius UFO Space Sciences and Research Center in Turkey.  He has been a UFO researcher for 29 years.  In addition to speaking in Turkey, Haktan attends many conferences in countries worldwide.  He is also the founder of the First International UFO Museum of Europe, the first and only Global Social Network UFOcircle, and also the founder of the non-profit World UFO Disclosure Campaign.  Dolores Cannon began her studies of suspected UFO sightings and crop circles in the United Kingdom back in 1986.  Dolores was asked at an annual MUFON to use her hypnosis technique to help an attendee remember an experience she had from a past life.  Many people quickly became interested in her technique and over 30 people were allowed to attend her session.  Her book, The Custodians came out in 1998 chronicling her more than 20 years assisting clients with extraterrestrial and UFO experiences.  Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters in Communications.  Her focus in her nationally recognized documentaries is science, medicine and the environment.  She has been featured in The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series since 2008.  At last year’s conference, Linda was recognized with the first Lucius Farish Foundation Award for excellence in research and productions concerning UFO phenomena.  Antonio Paris is the Founder and Director of the Aerial Phenomena.  He is also a former US Army Counterintelligence Officer and Defense Counterintelligence Special Agent.  He is the founder of a science outreach program about astronomy, planetary science and astrophysics known as the Center for Planetary Science.  Antonio has been a volunteer consultant for the television series Unsealed: The Alien Files.  Nick Pope currently works as an author and journalist covering topics on space, defense and intelligence and the unexplained.  He is a former employee of the UK Ministry of Defense and ran the British Government’s UFO project for three years.  Travis Walton will be a speaker discussing the recent developments and beings he encountered from the investigation following a 1975 UFO incident.  Sherry Wilde travels to conferences giving lectures about her extraterrestrial contact to make the community more aware on the phenomena of alien abduction.

Tickets for the conference can be purchased in advance through April 8th.  The Early Bird Special is $90.00 and then the price will go to $115.00.  Click here for registration information.

Five minutes from the conference location is the beautiful Victorian style mansion Arsenic and Old Lace Bed and Breakfast.  With five guest suites and plenty of common areas to relax, it’s the ideal place to unwind.  A full breakfast is served daily to ensure a great start to your day.  The inn is also within walking distance of the Historic District of Eureka Springs.  Let the innkeepers recommend one of Eureka Springs’ finest restaurants for dinner or the best location for Arkansas shopping.  Arsenic and Old Lace is a great spot for your spring getaway.

Photo courtesy of Interdimensional Guardians

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