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Lake Leatherwood XTERRA Festival

2014 Annual Lake Leatherwood XTERRA Festival Races

Ready to put your body to the ultimate challenge?  Back for its 9th year in Eureka Springs is the Lake Leatherwood XTERRA Festival.  The XTERRA race series includes off road triathlons and trail runs through some of the most nature worthy adventurous spots in the country.  Get your adrenaline pumping as you race through streams and over mountain trails.  The XTERRA Festival comes to Eureka Springs this June 7th and 8th.

Saturday’s events begin with two different trail runs.  The first is a 6 kilometer trail run around Lake Leatherwood.  The trail will consist of creek crossings and a mix of smooth hard pack to rocky terrain in sections.  Depending on the recent weather, the creeks can range from being dry to as much as 18 inches deep.  The second trail run is a 12 kilometer event run over the course of three trails including Twin Knobs, Lost Ridge and Hyde Hollow.  In addition to the rocky terrain and varying creek levels, this trail run includes steep climbs and descents throughout.

Sunday’s events begin the triathlon portion of the events.  Among all the cities on the XTERRA tour, Eureka Springs presents the most challenges and therefor can be raced individually or as a two or three person relay team.  The XTERRA Eureka Springs is a 0.5 mile swim, a 14.5 mile bike ride and a 5.1 mile run.  The swim portion will begin the event in Lake Leatherwood.  The bike portion will follow and be two laps over Miners Rock, Overlook and Fuller trails.  The 5.1 mile run will finish the event and take place over the Twin Knobs trail and around Lake Leatherwood.  The XTERRA Eureka Springs Sport will also be held on Sunday.  This series will include a half mile swim, a 7.25 mile bike ride and a 3.6 mile run.  This sport event is a great introduction to the experience of the XTERRA series without having to jump right in to the more challenging course.  This race can also be run individually or as part of a relay.  The swim will take place in Lake Leatherwood.  The bike portion is one loop over the Miners Rock, Overlook and Fuller Trails.  The run will take place on the Beecham and Fuller trails around Lake Leatherwood.

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Photo courtesy of Rick McCharles