3 Great Caves in Arkansas to Visit This Summer

There certainly is no shortage of great things to do in Eureka Springs, especially during the upcoming summer and fall months.  For something a bit unusual, though, how about heading underground and visiting some of the best caves in Arkansas this summer? Exploring underground caves and caverns is certainly a unique activity to engage in while on vacation. The world looks a bit different from down below!

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3 Fun Caves in Arkansas You Must Visit

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Eureka Springs this summer and fall.  The area is home to a number of stunning lakes and mountains, abundant wildlife, and endless ways to explore nature, Eureka Springs is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Odds are you’ll never be bored in this charming little town.  This summer, add one more thing to your “to-do” list and visit some of the most popular caves in Arkansas.

3 Great Caves in Arkansas You Must See

Eureka Springs just so happens to be home to the largest of the caves in Arkansas, Cosmic Cavern. There are two others Eureka Springs caverns in the area worth visiting, two. All 3 of them will provide you with an otherwordly experience, and also a cool and enjoyable way to spend a hot summers’ day in Eureka Springs! Here are 3 of the most popular caves in Arkansas, all near Eureka Springs, that are worth adding to your itinerary this summer:

  1. Cosmic Cavern is the largest privately owned cavern in Arkansas that is open to the public.  Inside Cosmic Cavern, you’ll experience a cool and comfortable 64 degrees throughout the year. Inside the cave, the top features include a 9-foot soda straw, which is the longest one known of in the Ozarks, along with 2 bottomless cave lakes.  One of the lakes, South Lake, has had trout in it for at least 50 years, and some of them have gone blind and lost their color.  It’s truly a fascinating phenomenon and just another natural wonder of these Eureka Springs caverns! The other lake, nicknamed “silent splendor,” was discovered in 1993 and is so incredibly pristine and clear. It’s truly a sight to behold! Cosmic Cavern is also considered to be one of the prettiest cave systems in the state.
  2. Onyx Cave was first discovered in 1981. It holds the distinction of being the oldest show cave open to the public in the state. As you enter this underground world, you’ll be guided by a self-guided audio tour that tells you all about the various chambers and rock formations you’ll encounter.  This cavern is a bit cooler, staying at a constant average of 50 degrees year-round.
  3. Finally, head to War Eagle Cavern. This beautiful cave is the largest cavern in Northwest Arkansas. It includes three incredible stories of caves and over 4 miles of a pathway to explore. As you meander through the caves, you’ll pass along the shores of a stream that flows through the cavern, listen to tales of warriors, robbers, and others who used the cave over the years and enjoy an interesting glimpse into the world of Eureka Springs caverns.  This cave stays an average of 58 degrees throughout the year.

3 Great Caves in Arkansas You Must See

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