Arkansas Fall Foliage is a Sight to See

Brilliant hues of red, gold and orange make the Arkansas fall foliage a beautiful sight to see.  The fall display is worth the drive and there are plenty of spots to step out and take in the views.  The Arkansas fall foliage actually has a false peak and a true peak so planning your trip just right to see the most amazing array of colors in important.

Peak time for the changing leaves in Arkansas is late October around the 26th to early November through the 5th.  If you arrive too early in the season, you will not see the best change of color in the leaves.  The false peak happens in mid-October.  There is a week in between the two peaks where the color will not be as strong.  For a true peak, the weather conditions play a huge role.  Daytime temperatures need to be no warmer than mid 60’s and nights no higher than mid 40’s.  Plenty of sunshine days are also a key factor.

The Ozarks consist of 200 different species of trees including Oak, Hickory, Maple and Basswood.  Only about 10-12 species produce an intense fall color change in their leaves with some trees having no change at all.  For an up close drive through the changing trees, take a ride on Highway 14.  This route makes for a beautiful drive as it runs right through the Ozark countryside with its winding roads and fall scenery.  Highway 21 is also a great ride for viewing the fall foliage.  The road runs right through the Buffalo River Valley.  A portion of the highway was designated as the Ozark Highlands Scenic Byways in 2005.  The Glade Top Trail which is part of the National Forest Scenic Byways system, contains over 3,500 miles of scenic roads.  Located southwest of Ava, Missouri, the road runs along a series of ridges with scenic outlooks for viewing the Ozarks.  This is also the location of the annual Flaming Fall Review.  This festival combines music and barbeque and is held each year in celebration of the bright autumn leaves.

Six miles of interlocking trails make up Pigeon Creek on Lake Norfolk.  The trails are great for mountain biking and hiking and really getting up close with nature.  The park is located right outside of Mountain Home, Arkansas and is an ideal spot for walking right through the canopy of trees with their changing leaves.  Two other great hiking locations include the Pedestal Rocks trail and the Kings Bluff trail in Pelsor, Arkansas.  The trails border high cliffs making them some of the best views in the state.  Enjoy a picnic lunch among the changing trees of the Ozarks and be sure to find the waterfall along the Kings Bluff trail.

When making the journey to behold the Arkansas fall beauty, complete the trip with a peaceful stay at Arsenic and Old Lace in Eureka Springs.  This charming bed and breakfast is set right in the hills of the Ozarks and offers five guest rooms perfect for a little rest and relaxation.  Imagine waking up in a 4-poster king sized bed looking out the 2-story floor to ceiling windows at the trees and the morning sky in their Tree Top Suite.  A gourmet breakfast is served each morning in the dining room and includes fresh baked breads a main course and fresh fruit.  It’s no wonder guests return year after year.  Come and check it out for yourself this fall!

Photo courtesy of C.M.FRIESE Photography

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