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Happy New Year from Eureka Springs

Happy New Year from Eureka Springs 1
Happy New Year, from Beverly and Doug.

Innkeeping is a curious profession. It involves inviting total strangers into one’s home for the night, and then inviting them to share a meal. In the present world, this sometimes seems strange. In fact, it is based on an ancient tradition called hospitality.

Many cultures knew (and know) how important hospitality is. At it’s most basic, it is simply good karma: do a kindness unto others, and you will receive kindness. Yet hospitality has always been more than that. It is a way to exchange news, share ideas, and discover new cultures. It is a way to build community.

We know that from experience. Our guests enrich our lives. You, our guests, come from all over the country and all over the world; and though you may not stay long, you stay long enough to swap a few stories. We wouldn’t do what we do were it not for you. Thank you.

To all guests of our Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast, past, present, and future:

Happy New Year!

Beverly and Doug

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